Expressive Murals by Grace Ann Piano

A wall mural of a crowded hotel sceneUntitled

Detroit, Michigan-based artist Grace Ann Piano creates expressive murals that adorn the walls of restaurants, hotels, hospitals and more. Each wall painting is tailored for its location, drawing inspiration both from the appearance and the purpose of the room.


A photo of a large art-deco mural in a restaurantUntitled

Grace’s commercial mural works have included both simple wall decorations and large, room sized painted scenes. In one work for a restaurant, an art-deco style scene expressing a variety of 1920’s-era dance costumes and performances covers an entire wall. This exuberant scene reads like a large tapestry, and reminds me of the renaissance-style murals of Robert Milling. In another the artist created painted archways adorned with golden accents to surround decorative nooks in the walls.


A screen capture of the children's murals on Grace Ann Piano's websiteChildren's murals on Grace's website

The artist has also created residential murals in children’s bedrooms, gardens and kitchens. I really enjoy Grace’s garden murals, as the deep almost blue-ish green colours that she uses are the perfect complement to a lush backyard space. 

A corner mural in an outdoor gardenUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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