Studio Sunday: Sir Terry Frost

A photo of Terry Frost sitting in his art studio


Let’s look inside the studio of Sir Terry Frost! Frost was an English abstract artist who lived and worked in Newlyn, Cornwall. The artist’s studio overlooked the coast, and in this photo it looks like a wonderful view – you can even see some people walking on the beach below. It would be wonderful to have a studio with such a large picture window, especially in the summer, both for the warm breeze and the amount of natural light. It probably got quite cold in the winters, though!  


Terry Frost did not become an artist until he was in his thirties, discovering art as a means of expression and personal exploration after his experience as a POW in Bavaria during WWII. The artist developed a distinct abstract expressionist style that consisted of large, rounded geometric shapes and bright colour fields.  In 1951, Frost worked as a studio assistant to the sculptor Barbara Hepworth, and many of his paintings showcase the influence that Hepworth had on his sense of aesthetics.


In this photo, you can see that Frost has set up a nice desk space full of paintbrushes by the open window – I’d guess that the artist did most of his formal paintings on the opposite wall, to take full advantage of the beautiful natural lighting.  The wall near the window is covered in small sketches and studies, showcasing some of the style choices that were common in Frost’s artworks. I wonder if the artist often sat in this chair, drawing inspiration from the natural landscape of the coastline.  


Frost’s career was very much tied to the academic side of art, and he spent time teaching at several universities throughout England and the U.K. He was elected a Royal Academician in 1992.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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