Mixed Media and Found Objects: Art by Susan Parrish

An assemblage sculpture with found objects made to look like a teapotThe Queen Bee's Tea

Featured artist Susan Parrish is a sculptor and ceramicist who got her start creating functional ceramic works. Susan’s current practice revolves around creating assemblages that combine mixed media and found objects into objects that reflect topical and personal issues.


A sculpture of a teapot with the head of a Barbie doll on topTea with Barbie

Among Susan’s creations is a series of teapots, or objects that emulate the shape and function of teapots. I’m impressed by the amount of formal variation that Susan achieves in this series, while still maintaining a teapot-like shape for each object. The selection of found objects that come into play here are also really interesting, many of them pieces taken from antique tins and toys, combined with buttons, bits of mechanical detritus and more.


A screen capture of Susan Parrish's online portfolioSusan's Silver Fish gallery on her website

Another of Susan’s series, Silver Fish, sees the artist creating fish-shaped plaques out of antique silverware platters and other found materials. The artist imbues each individual piece with distinct personality, while maintaining a consistent structure throughout the series.  

A sculpture of a fish made from silverwareButterfly Fish

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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