Glaciers, Polar Bears and Seascapes: Painting by Linda Lang

A painting of a polar bear looking down from a glacierLooking for the Seal, oil on canvas

Our featured artist Linda Lang specializes in paintings of the arctic landscape. Paintings featuring glaciers, polar bears and seascapes fill Linda’s portfolio, and her smooth brush work is ideal for portraying the icy landscape.


A painting of a small ice floe in the waterJourney, oil on panel

A screen capture of Linda Lang's websiteLinda's arctic painting gallery on her portfolio website

I love the soft, undulating movement that Linda creates in all of her paintings. Though the subject matter tends to be fairly static, the way it is depicted suggests a wonderful smooth, flowing quality to the land that I think is excellent for showcasing ice, snow and cold water. In many of Linda’s paintings, polar bears roam across natural habitats, rendered in that similar smooth fashion.


I find that Linda’s style of painting reminds me of work by some celebrated Canadian artists such as Ted Harrison. The bold colours and slightly simplified forms make for an eye-catching, graphic quality that portrays not so much the precise detail, but the overall personality of a given space. 


A painting of a rocky landscape on Baffin IslandColours of South Baffin, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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