Influenced by Edibles: Painting by Michelle Marcotte

A painting of some grapefruits in a bowlAllison's Grapefruit

Michelle Marcotte is an artist with a special love for food. With experience in various food-related professions including food stylist, nutrition specialist and home economist, Michelle’s artistic career is understandably influenced by edibles.


A painting of pie and fish and chips drizzled with ketchupUncle Lawrence's Friday, oil on canvas

The artist’s painting style is quite well-suited to her favourite subject matter. Using smooth, soft patches of color with occasional highlights for shine, the artist is equally adept with glossy desserts as she is freshly-picked vegetables. Each of the paintings in Michelle’s Food Portraits gallery is equally delicious looking – something like the food art of Cindy Scaife or Joel Penkman.


A diptych of paintings of clouds above Daytona BeachDaytona Clouds Together (diptych), oil on canvas

Michelle’s practice also encompasses a variety of other subjects, including portraits and landscapes. In her portraits, Michelle paints subjects in the midst of “defining spaces or events,” showing the subject’s personality and individualism not only through appearance, but through context as well. Her landscape paintings use the same soft, blended brushwork to beautifully depict skies and bodies of water. 

A screen capture of Michelle Marcotte's art websiteThe front page of Michelle's website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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