Paint-Flooded Landscapes: Abstract Art by Luis Pagan

A pour painting on vellum using black and white coloursEquilibrio

Featured artist Luis Pagan specializes in heady, colourful abstracts that look like aerial photographs of paint-flooded landscapes. Luis currently lives and works in New York, where he balances careers in art and business marketing.


A pour painting using colours associated with the eBay brandTribute to eBay

In fitting with the aerial aesthetic of his works, Luis has been known to use photographs taken by NASA cameras as inspiration and reference for his work. The finished paintings have an appearance reminiscent of the swirling surface of distant planets like Jupiter or Saturn – or perhaps nebulas of stardust even farther out in space.


A selection of art cards available through Luis Pagan's websiteLuis' selection of art cards available on his website

To create these colourful, swirling abstracts, Luis pours paint through a kitchen strainer, causing it to break into many dripping rivulets, thereby creating the interesting and intricate flood patterns on his surfaces. The artist’s paint of choice is not oil or acrylic, but rather house paint, and it’s easy to see why. The smooth, thinner viscosity of the house paint lends itself to the incredible sense of movement in each of these works. 


A pour painting composed of blue and beige tonesBlue Sacrifice

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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