Performance, Dance and Writing by Susan McKenzie

A still from Susan McKenzie's Tornado performanceTornado (performance still)

Susan McKenzie is a dancer and choreographer who currently resides in North Vancouver, BC. Both independently and as artistic director of Jumpstart Performance Society, Susan has created numerous works of performance, dance and writing that express an elegant and thoughtful way of viewing the world.


Dansa Serpentina, Loie Fuller, 1900


Susan’s portfolio website includes a selection of her private choreography works as well as some events and performances organized by Jumpstart Performance Society. I like the way that viewers are able to get a feel for the inspiration behind some of the performances in the information that Susan shares. Her Silk dance, for example, was an homage to Loie Fuller, a dancer in the early 20th century who pioneered some now famous and widely-used dance techniques. Susan includes a short video of one of Fuller’s performances alongside some still images of her own dance.


A screen capture of Susan McKenzie's websiteThe MascallDance gallery on Susan's website

 The artist has also used dance and performance as a way of paying tribute to friends and supporters who have passed on. Each name in her portfolio is accompanied by a short but heartfelt essay.


A photo collage of some dance works by Susan McKenzieDocumentation of the Tornado project

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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