Stained Glass Pet Portraits by Kevyn Cundiff

A stained glass panel depicting a cat landing on its feetFreefall

Kevyn Cundiff is a stained glass artist currently based in Vermont. Kevyn uses her glass expertise to create beautiful and unique stained glass pet portraits on a commissioned basis.


A stained glass work with glass panels jutting out of the surfaceMegalithamania

While the artist’s commissioned work is centered on pet portraits, Kevyn’s portfolio is packed with other works in which all manner of representational and abstract subjects are rendered in colourful sheets of glass. I like the variety of colourings and techniques that Kevyn incorporates into her artworks. Beautiful works of traditional stained glass are shown alongside more experimental works, utilizing interesting shapes and different media, sometimes with panes of glass sticking out perpendicular to the remainder of the piece.


A gallery of dog-themed stained glass on Kevyn Cundiff's art websiteKevyn's gallery of dog portraits

Kevyn’s pet portraits are quite charming. She manages to capture the appearance and disposition of each dog, cat or other animal even working in a medium that is somewhat restricted for details. The artist encourages customers to pick a background and a colour scheme for their pet portrait. Check out more of Kevyn’s works on her portfolio, and for more stained glass, take a look at Catherine Hart‘s work!


A stained glass panel depicting two dogsMadison and Lola

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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