Mathematics and Abstraction: Art by Nancy Ungar

A round painting of microscopic formsPacific Atoll, acrylic and oil on canvas

Mixed media artist Nancy Ungar incorporates varied disciplines into her artworks, with visible reference to biology, astronomy and more. Nancy’s artworks use varied techniques to create images that combine mathematics and abstraction.


An abstract digital artwork with forms that reference astronomyigor 2, square, printed on paper or aluminum or backlit

 I really enjoy the way that Nancy incorporates a scientific eye into her colourful artworks. The artist briefly studied biology and anthropology, and even these small diversions from an artistic career seem to have become a source of inspiration. In her Diatopia series, for example, she references the forms of diatoms, tiny, microscopic organisms that come in a variety of beautiful geometric shapes. In many of these pieces, the substrate takes on a circular form that seems to emulate the shape of a petri dish in a laboratory.


Nancy Ungar's online gallery of digital artworksNancy's selection of digital works

As I look through Nancy’s portfolio I see examples of other scientific disciplines coming into play. Her digital artworks have an astronomical, space-like appearance to them in forms that mimic planets and nebulas floating in deep space. The intricate digitized forms remind me a little of the work of Krasimira Dimtchevska.


A series of elongated paintings of treesTree Grouping 5


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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