Smooth Wood Forms: Sculpture by Larry Scaturro

A photo of an abstract walnut wood sculptureUntitled, walnut

Sculptor Larry Scaturro’s works draw from early modernist and abstract expressionist forms. Working in both figurative sculpture and abstraction, Larry’s smooth wood forms all have a certain human quality to them, whether it’s presented in geometric shapes or realistic detail.


A teak sculpture of one of Picasso's Demoiselles D'AvignonDemoiselle (after Picasso), teak

Larry’s inspirations and influences become clear in works where he utilizes the stylistic habits of great artists like Picasso and Rodin. In one sculpture, for example, he brings one of Picasso’s Demoiselles D’Avignon to life as a three-dimensional wood sculpture. The figure retains her geometric angles, but becomes all the more life-like rendered in warm-coloured wood.


A screen capture of Larry Scaturro's abstract sculpture galleryLarry's abstract sculpture gallery

I quite enjoy Larry’s abstract sculptures. He tends toward an upright, portrait-oriented type of sculpture, each one standing tall with a fairly narrow profile. The combination of sharp, square angles and undulating curvature is quite inviting, and lends each sculpture a beautiful sense of movement and liveliness. The artist’s walnut sculptures have a classical, earthy tone, while other works that use matte black polychrome wood have a more minimalist aesthetic. 


A black polychrome wood sculptureBone Piece, polychrome wood

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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