Logos, Packaging and Advertising: Design by Brooke Allen

A poster design for BC Children's HospitalPoster design for Still Fabulous (thrift shop, operated by the volunteers of the Auxiliary to BC Children’s Hospital and the Auxiliary to BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre)

Brooke Allen is a communication designer based in Vancouver, BC. She holds degrees from Emily Carr University and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Brooke’s designs include logos, packaging and advertising materials for a wide range of clients.


I really like the way that Brooke has a clear style that shows through in her work, even with the various different input and needs of clients. Her logo design, for example, tends to utilize monochromatic or simplified selection of colours, with shapes or images silhouetted in colour or black and white. The resulting logos are beautifully modern and minimalist, while still presenting enough information for the viewer to understand a little more about the brand they represent.


A packaging design for the ESPRO espresso pressESPRO Press packaging design

A screen capture of Brooke Allen's online portfolioBrooke's portfolio

Even in more complex projects this attention to simplification is visible. Brooke’s designs for Current, Emily Carr’s design research journal, incorporate neutral but inviting blocks of colour, simple text, and iconic signifiers to create a cohesive design that still imparts meaning. Check out more of Brooke’s work on her website, and the work of other communication designers like Sarah Gonzales and Nathalie Gribinski on the blog! 


A logo design for Global ActivatorsGlobal Activators identity design

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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