Inclusive, Multi-Media Artworks by Micky Renders

A photo of a series of monochrome paintings installed in a galleryFinding Joy (installation view at Peterborough Regional Health Centre)

Micky Renders is a visual artist, educator and our featured artist today! Micky uses her practice as a way to explore how art can help transform societies and minds. Through inclusive, multi-media artworks and help with community art projects, Micky opens up spaces for dialogue and discussion.


A painting of a bright green gradient20 Green Series (from Finding Joy)

One of the artist’s most recent works is a painting series entitled Finding Joy. The series includes 26 individual paintings, each of which is a simple colour gradient. The paintings, each in a frame painted to match its colour, are arranged along a gallery wall in a fifty-foot line. I like the way this work combines simple painting with interactive art and installation. The length of the series of paintings means the viewer has to walk a short distance to view and experience all of them, and they must be experienced in a sequence rather than as a whole.


An image gallery on Micky Renders' art websiteMicky's On The Horizon series

Micky has also created more traditional installation works, such as her 2012 installation OUTSIDERS. In this work, the artist created a series of sculptures of human forms, made by wrapping project collaborators in plastic wrap that was then hardened to create a solid statue. The finished pieces were arranged throughout downtown Toronto. 


A photo of a plastic sculpture of a sitting personOUTSIDERS2012,  installation

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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