Streamlined Geometric Forms: Art by Mizzonk

An artwork composed of small MDF boxesSort, MDF

Mizzonk is a collaborative art and design studio located near Vancouver, BC. Founded by artists Wan-Yi Lin and Roger Chen, Mizzonk’s artistic style revolves around personal identity, with the collective creating beautiful, streamlined geometric forms that speak a minimalist visual language to ask personal and open-ended questions.


An artwork with small flap doors in a large sheet of heavy paperWhere Are You? (detail), acid-free paper, acrylic and wood, custom cedar frame

I’m quite impressed by the way Mizzonk’s works seem to toe the line between abstract artworks and industrial design. Many works, such as Where Are You? are duplicated in smaller, home-friendly versions in the Mizzonk Living gallery. It’s interesting to see artists embrace the commercial potential of their works by condensing the original gallery piece into a smaller, more manageable size while retaining the features that make it intriguing in the first place.


A screen capture of the Mizzonk Living galleryThe Mizzonk Living gallery

The materials that Mizzonk use to create their work are greatly varied, but there seems to be a common thread of questioning between all the works. Where Are You? Expands upon the idea of trying to “find” oneself. In the installation War, the artists use the materials of rocks, paper and scissors to question to purpose and outcomes of conflict. 


An installation view of War by MizzonkWar (detail), wood, text print, stones, paper, found objects

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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