Indoors and Outdoors: Artworks by Rachel Lambert

A photograph of several twisting tree branchesTwist, photograph

Our featured artist today is Rachel Lambert! Rachel is located in Boise, Idaho where she uses a variety of media to explore and emulate natural forms. Many of Rachel’s works explore the contrast between indoors and outdoors and the modern, Western human’s relationship to nature.


An installation made from various materials to look like a waterfallOutside Living Room, Waterfall Curtain, (installation view)

Rachel’s gallery of Earth Photography focuses on interesting subjects that perhaps might otherwise be overlooked. Viewers won’t find any bright floral images in this gallery, but rather, close-up photographs that celebrate the texture and unique, saturated Earth-tones of tree branches, stones, dry ground and the textured patterns found on some more subdued plant species. I really love the way this gallery functions as a cohesive series, and the stylistic range between Rachel’s images of the sun and moon, as well as the Earth itself, is quite stunning.


A screen capture of Rachel Lambert's land art portfolioRachel's online portfolio of land art

In her installation artwork Rachel seems to take inspiration from these natural forms, creating bizarre landscapes and plant-like forms out of fabrics and various unlikely objects. 


An installation sculpture of a rug made to look like fleshSmeared Flesh Rug, fabric, beads, faux fur, upholstery fabric, glue, nylon tights, pigment

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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