Slice-Of-Life Paintings by Tony Ziegler

A painting of the front of a pizza parlourJoe's Pizza

Tony Ziegler studied art in New York and holds a practice as a painter and a photographer. The artist’s small, slice-of-life paintings showcase shop fronts and people from the artist’s own life, giving them a certain everyday charm.


An acrylic painting of the front of a bakeryMoishes, acrylic on wood

I enjoy the stylistic approach that Tony takes in his paintings. The works tend to slightly simplify their subject matter – his store front paintings, for example, focus heavily on the colour scheme and lettering of the awnings, doorways and front windows, creating an image that suggests a sort of idealized image of urbanity.


A screen capture of Tony Ziegler's art websiteTony's online portfolio

Tony takes a similar approach in his portraiture and still-life paintings. The works focus on a few specific aspects of the subject, creating a sparse but distinctive image of an individual. Tony’s colours are a bit more subdued in these works, and he tends toward brighter, monochromatic backgrounds that create a friendly tone for each work. 


A portrait of a woman wearing sunglassesJosephine DeCosta

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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