Complex, Grotesque Mythological Art by Ken Ruzic

A tiki-themed painting framed in bambooBy the Light of the Pufferfish, acrylic gouache and cel-vinyl on wood

Ken Ruzic is an artist who uses a variety of media to create complex, grotesque mythological art. Sometimes dealing with known mythologies from religion and history, and other times inventing characters of his own, the artist creates intensely detailed and vibrant images where scenery and figures blend together.


A painting of a figure playing a harp in a dark caveOrpheus Descending into the UnderWorld, ink and sharpie on Aquarelle paper

The focus on line art in Ken’s images makes for really stunning finished pieces. He pays equal attention to the figures and their surroundings, depicting every line, wrinkle and movement of skin in addition to every leaf of a tree or crack in a stone wall. The artist’s colour work is a brilliant foil to the line work – the drawn lines pick up where the flat blocks of colour leave off. He often uses bright, intense greens and blues in combination with warm neutral colours, for a result that carries all of the exuberance of an epic story.


A screen capture of Ken Ruzic's art websiteThe Sacred and Profane gallery on Ken's website

Based in California, Ken has participated in multiple group exhibitions with epic and mythological stories as their subject matter, producing drawings and paintings of a number of specific, psychedelic subjects. 


A pyrography work of a grotesque spiritThe Paranoid Ghost, pyrography on wood with acrylic tinting

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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