Exploration of the Internet: Art by Sara Kaltwasser

A .gif image of abstracted hands trembling#Tremor

Sara Kaltwasser is a multimedia artist based in Portland, Oregon. Her practice is complex and deals with many overlapping concepts and aesthetics. Featuring both traditional and digital media, Sara’s portfolio is an exploration of the Internet age.


A sketch of a face with some abstract linesGrey Book (sketch) 


I’m really excited by the series of .GIFs that the artist has created, under the series name #Tremor. The name is a perfect fit for these vague, abstracted images that quiver endlessly and seemingly without cause. The use of a hashtag as the title for a series of .GIFs lends the artworks an extremely, Internet-based existence that may very well prove transient.


A screen capture of the front page of Sarah Kaltwasser's websitewww.sarakaltwasser.com

In her other digital works, Sara has used the medium of text message threads to create grids of emojis. The symbols themselves are either buildings or geometric shapes, given a shiny, bubble-like texture by the aesthetics of the particular smartphone operating system that Sara works with. These works are evocative and narrative within the highly restricted structure of the medium. 

A landscape composed of symbols in a text conversationEdge of Town

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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