Cute and Creepy: Art by Megan Majewski

A painting of a winged skeletal woman in a pink forestAntheia, acrylic on wood

Vancouver-based artist Megan Majewski’s practice is informed by a love for all things cute and creepy, as well as the artist’s background in computer animation. Majewski’s artworks often feature cartoonish, goth-girl figures and spooky motifs such as skulls and spider webs.


The exaggerated style that Majewski uses to render her figures showcases a dramatic, artistic flair with a basis of solid anatomical understanding. In most cases, an image focuses on one or two central figures, surrounded by vaguely symbolic imagery such as animals, Victorian-style furnishings, or trees. I like the way Majewski is able to adapt her style to different eras and themes – in some paintings, she takes on “retro” styling, creating images of robotic women in 1950’s-style service uniforms. In “post-apocalyptic” works, gas-masks and mutated animals appear frequently.


A painting of a skull wearing a hat and a stoleUntitled, oil on wood

In more recent works, Majewski utilizes a blotchy, almost watercolor-esque style to render subjects in a fluid and slightly more ambiguous fashion. I find this method particularly effective for portraiture, where the viewer gets to focus on the facial features and the rest of the figure fades into colored mist. 


A blotchy painting of a woman in an elaborated headdressThe sun no longer reaches me, acrylic on wood panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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