Occult and Animal Imagery: Tattoos by Heather Lefebvre

A tattoo with  a woman wearing a fox's headUntitled

Heather Lefebvre is a tattoo artist based out of Kelowna, BC. The artist creates a range of unique designs in both color and black and white, combining geometric elements with flowing occult and animal imagery.

A tattoo of two swallows, one on each armUntitled

Based at Odist Tattoo in Kelowna, Heather works with her clients to create a wide array of different designs, while still maintaining her personal style throughout her portfolio. With subject matter ranging from human and animal figures to cars, guitars and floral shapes, Heather demonstrates an eye for aesthetics that can seemingly be applied to any image.

A screen capture of Heather Lefebvre's art websiteThe Odist tattoo gallery


I really enjoy being able to look through Heather’s personal art portfolio alongside her tattoo work. Many of the designs on her website are available to be turned into tattoos. The artist seems to have a great appreciation for symmetry, with triangles appearing centrally in many of the images. The combination of hard, geometric lines and the whirling shapes of hair, horns and flowers is a really pleasing contrast. For more Kelowna-based tattoo art, also check out Gas Pedals Tattoo!


An artwork with a triangle and skull shapeUntitled, acrylic and pyrography on panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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