1920s and 30s Aesthetic: Painting by Jared Joslin

A painting of a flapper girl in a carnival shooting galleryShooting Gallery, oil on canvas

Jared Joslin is a painter, originally from Fort Collins, Colorado. The artist is skilled in realistic painting, and has a particular affinity for the American 1920’s and 30’s aesthetic.


I really enjoy the way that Jared combines his nods to bygone eras with more modern painting techniques and color schemes. Many of his images focus on a centrally-placed figure, with darkened backgrounds and dramatic lighting creating a deep aura of mystery and intrigue. 1920’s flapper girls are a common motif, appearing with ornate makeup and smooth, chestnut hair.

A painting of a woman in a black dress at a cafe tableCafe, oil on canvas 


The artist’s series of self-portraits is a really interesting look at the thought process behind the paintings. In these works, Jared inserts himself into the roles of various early 20th century personas and professions, ranging from soldier to carny. The artist’s face looks quite at home in these many different uniforms, and the technique of displacement is reminiscent of Cindy Sherman’s photographic work. 

A self-portrait of the artist as a sailorShore Leave, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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