Delicate Hidden Beauty: Painting by David B. Scott

A painting of a mountain plateauMt Edith Cavell, oil on canvas

Canadian painter David B. Scott works in multiple painting styles, with subject matter ranging from majestic Canadian landscapes to playful paintings of birds and other wildlife. David’s style brings out the delicate hidden beauty in everything from mountain ranges to rusted vehicles.


A painting of a bull trout on wood panelBull Trout, mixed media on birch panel

Many of David’s most recent works are classical-style landscapes, depicting scenes from western Canada including both wilderness, plains and farmland. Each is treated with the same sweeping attention to detail. The artist’s choice of color is perfect for showcasing these spaces in bright sunlight, with skies and bodies of water depicted in a deep, saturated blue.


A screen capture of David B. Scott's art


David’s paintings of animals are equally fascinating, and it’s interesting to see the artist completely flip his style to suit these works. In a recent series, David painted individual chickadees, captured in mid-flight with planes of color and shadow. Each bird is removed from its context, flying across a background of raw wood grain. 


A painting of a chickadee on woodChickadee - 4, mixed media on birch panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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