Studio Sunday: Claire Basler

A photograph of Clare Basler's art studio


Claire Basler is a French painter known for her flowy, magically realistic paintings of flowers and foliage. The artist is located in Paris, where she lives in a formerly abandoned chateau that’s been converted into a home and art studio.


The artist’s studio is charmingly filled with living plants. They seem to serve as a reference and inspiration, as well as a simple way of cheering up the space. Basler reportedly creates the flower arrangements herself every day. This sounds like it would be amazingly motivational – if I spent each morning carefully arranging flowers and leafy vines, I would definitely feel the urge to capture the leaves and petals in paint! The presence of so many plants makes me think of Azuma Makoto’s studio.


Basler’s studio, pictured in this photo, looks beautifully rustic, with plenty of natural light streaming in through the stylized windows. The overall aesthetic of the space combines the modest, rustic feeling of a 19th-century painting studio with the spacious, well-lit cleanliness of a modern, upscale workshop. The two works pictured in the above image seem to capture two different sides of the artist’s environment – both light and airy, and densely lush, both featuring the ever-present flower forms.


The artist’s works capture the frail beauty of flowers by focusing on the imperfections, folds and bends that occur naturally and under the pressure of wind, rain and other natural elements. 

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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