Vibrant Maritime Landscapes: Art by Michael McEwing

A painting of a shore with tall grassesTantramar Shoreline, oil on canvas

Michael McEwing is an artist living and working in Carleton County, New Brunswick. Michael’s artwork includes painting and printmaking, though his portfolio is especially strong in vibrant maritime landscapes.


A painting of a running stream in autumnPokiok Stream in Fall, oil on canvas


Michael’s landscape paintings tend to emphasize the total isolation of a given setting. Unpopulated grasslands and rocky beaches factor frequently in the artist’s landscape series, and rarely is a figure or even a man-made structure visible. Michael’s attention to detail in these works makes all the difference, elevating them from desolate pictures of empty spaces into peaceful, meditative portraits. Each blade of grass and shadow cast on a stone outcropping is rendered in equal detail, and the works belie a genuine affection for the subject matter.


A gallery of landscape paintings on Michael McEwing's websiteA landscape gallery on Michael's portfolio website

In our previous feature of Michael’s work we noted that he focuses on both personal and natural environments. This is true both in the more psychological setting of Michael’s print work, as well as the artist’s love for his natural landscapes. 


A painting of a flatland with a focus on the skySackville Sky No. 2, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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