Encaustic Paintings by Lisa Printz

A triptych of encaustic paintingsWaxy, (triptych) encaustic wax on board


Lisa Printz’ portfolio website is packed with everything from abstract encaustic paintings to prairie landscapes. The artist currently resides in Vancouver, BC.


A painting made from six boardsJericho Morning, encaustic and collage on 6 boards


As Lisa says in her artist’s statement, she has an affinity for “sweeping and fluid gestures.” This is clear, particularly in the artist’s work with oil and pastels, mediums which lend themselves well to gestural mark-making. Lisa dabbles in many media, always going after bright colors and expressionist compositions. While the majority of her portfolio is figurative, the loose nature of her landscape paintings makes it an easy jump into the abstract encaustic works that Lisa has recently been creating.


A screen capture of Lisa Printz art websitewww.lisaprintz.com


The works focus a little more on defined shapes and blocks of color, though the experimental mood is still strong throughout the series. In some cases, the artist even incorporates moments of mixed media to add extra texture to the wax. 


A pastel artwork of a vineyardChemin de Lac Vineyard, chalk pastel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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