Installations and Assemblages by Monica Bovicini

A sculpture by Monica BoviciniPowder Belts, axe, black polyurethane, matt finish, leather belts, steel chains

Monica Bovicini was born in Italy and currently lives and works in Berlin. Bovicini’s recent installations and assemblages have featured heavy tools and belts, coated in black polyurethane.


A sculptural artwork by Monica BoviciniTight Cut, two chainsaws, black polyurethane, matt finish, leather belts, leather, wood


I rather enjoy the hard-edged, exaggerated masculinity that’s found in Bovicini’s recent works. In particular, those installations that incorporate chainsaws covered in a thick, dripping layer of black material have an overt sense of danger or fear about them that I find quite effective. Bovicini’s belts achieve a similar effect in a slightly different way – by wrapping numerous identical black belts around large plinths, the artist gives the viewer the impression that something is being concealed – or at the very least, turns these plinths into dark, imposing figures.


Bovicini’s previous works have also played with a sense of uncertainty or discomfort – in one work, for example, the artist installed an outdoor public toilet in a two-way mirror enclosure, allowing the occupant to see everything on the street outside. 


A photograph of an interactive installation artwork by Monica BoviciniDon't Miss a Sec', two-way mirror glass structure, stainless-steel toilet unit, concrete, aluminum, fluorescent lights, milk-glass panels

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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