Pop-Culture Paintings and Portraiture by Carly Jaye

A paining of the three main characters of Star TrekStar Trek Trio, acrylic on wood panel

Currently based in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Carly Jaye is an artist who specializes in pop-culture paintings and portraiture. The artist’s style is versatile and approachable, lending to portraits that many viewers will find recognizable and endearing.


A painting of the main characters of Wayne's World on a wood boardWayne's World...Excellent, acrylic on recycled wood panel


I like the genuine love for art that comes across in Carly’s works. Each of her pieces presents the given subject matter in a way that is reverent without being overly serious. Carly has a great sense of experimentation when it comes to media, as well. While she mainly works with acrylic paint, occasionally incorporating aerosol paints, many of her works are painted on recycled drywall or wood planks as well as gallery boards and canvas. This lends each work a different texture and base color, adding to the sense of originality.


A screen capture of Carly Jaye's online painting galleryCarly's Entertainment paintings


Though Carly’s subjects encompass everything from Star Wars to hockey players, I really enjoy looking through the works in her miscellaneous gallery. This series features images of signs and building exteriors that take on a lovely, weathered appearance under Carly’s loose painting style. 


A painting of Michael JacksonKing of Pop, acrylic on recycled drywall

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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