Hand-Painted Silk Textiles by Michael Shyka

A hand-painted silk textile with a floral patternCoral Tulips, Turquiose Ground, dye on silk crepe

Michael Shyka is a Maine-based artist who creates hand-painted silk textiles that he turns into unique articles of clothing. Specializing in floral styles, Michael paints in watercolor, capturing the bright colors and slightly imperfect patterns found in nature.


A photo of a model wearing a hand-painted silk print dressOrange on Orange Dress, hand-painted silk

I really enjoy the aesthetic that Michael is able to achieve with his hand-painted silks. Using saturated colors and larger repeating patterns, the artist creates textile samples that are as vibrant as fresh flower arrangements. When turned into garments, the patterns on silk create flowing silhouettes with colors that are saturated enough to turn heads but not completely overpowering. I like the simplicity that Michael tends toward in these designs, usually selecting two or three colors to make up the bulk of the imagery.


Michael Shyka's gallery of fashion designsMichael's gallery of fashions


Michael’s online portfolio also includes a selection of the artist’s watercolor paintings, some of which are similar to his textile works. Others are more traditionally arranged depictions of buildings and figures, but painted in the same vibrant, impressionist style. 


A hand-painted silk pattern on a dark groundElectric Blue Frost, Dark Chocolate Ground, blue deco frost

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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