Smooth, Skillful Portraiture by Kim Fujiwara

A painting of a young woman with a laptopSteph, oil paint

Kim Fujiwara is a Michigan-based artist known for his smooth, skillful portraiture and detailed scenes. Kim came to be an artist after years spent working as a commercial illustrator, and his eye for quality illustration shines through in all of his creative works.


A watercolor portrait of a young womanKimberly, colored pencil and wash

I really love the slightly loose and soft-edged style that Kim tends to employ in his works. Sometimes he exaggerates this, as in his watercolor and pencil portraits, where the image focus seems to blur out in a circle, radiating from the subject’s face. Kim’s subject matter varies widely – while the artist has a particular affinity for depicting the cowboys and indigenous peoples of the Old West, his portfolio contains equally beautiful paintings of modern scenes such as car-lined streets and industrial ships on the water.


A screen capture of Kim Fujiwara's art websiteKim's art website


Kim’s use of color is fantastic. It especially shines in his landscape works, where the backgrounds behind figures - whether forests, fields or oceans –are given a classical treatment, with layers upon layers of different colors forming an overall impression of depth and complexity. 


A painting of a setting for green teaGreen Tea, oil

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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