Community Engagement: Artwork by Tania Willard

A photo of the finished Neskonlith Mural created in collaboration with Tania WillardNeskonlith Mural - 2013

Tania Willard is a member of the Secwepemc Nation, and works as both a curator and a multidisciplinary artist. Tania’s works often feature an element of community engagement.


A manipulated photograph of an old woman holding a babySkuye7 (Baby)

Many of Tania’s projects serve as direct commentary on the relations between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples in Canada. Some of these are more subdued, focused mainly on a particular aesthetic, while others are sharply critical. I enjoy the balance between these two modes of presentation in Tania’s portfolio.


A screen capture of Tania Willard's art


Tania’s series, Irreconcilable, for example, features a number of abstract, two-dimensional works which through their abstraction call upon the viewer to infer deeper meaning. A part of this series, too, is an installation work in which the words “protect” and “know” are spelled across the wall in carefully arranged pine needles. This work is a starker, more commanding apex to a subtler series. Similar to this is Tania’s BUSH Gallery, which we looked at in our previous feature of the artist’s installations in natural spaces


A photo of an installation featuring a chair and pine needles spelling a wordPROTECT-CHAIR, studio still life with found objects, cedar roots, pine needles and text

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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