Studio Sunday: Polly Morgan

A photo of Polly Morgan at work in her studio


This Sunday, let’s take a look inside the home studio of Polly Morgan. Morgan is a sculptor based in London. Taxidermy animals form the basis of Morgan’s sculptures, which tend to have a surreal yet allegorical sense about them.


Morgan’s studio might seem a little unnerving to some. As much of her work revolves around the medium of taxidermy, her studio is at any given time, full of animal remains. Morgan has a number of freezers in which she stores her animals prior to giving them the taxidermy treatment.


From a design standpoint, Morgan’s studio space is quite lovely, and seems tailored to suit exactly the needs of the artist. The table that she’s pictured working at here has numerous small drawers, probably housing various hardware and materials for the taxidermy process, or possibly bits and pieces that might later be incorporated into a sculpture.


I really enjoy the brick wall aesthetic of Morgan’s studio space. This, combined with the wood floors and the old-fashioned radiator visible to the left of the artist’s desk, provide the whole space with the casual, yet professional feeling of a modern loft. The studio is located in the artist’s home, so it makes sense that Morgan would want to beautify it a little.


Polly Morgan’s taxidermy works have been widely collected and exhibited. The artist is a member of the U.K. Guild of Taxidermists, and obtains all of her animals ethically – sometimes they are recently deceased pets contributed by owners or vets. Other times the animals were found dead in the wild of natural causes. For more taxidermy artwork, check out Jessica Joslin.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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