Studio Sunday: Jennifer Beinhacker

A photograph of the interior of Jennifer Beinhacker's art studio



Studio Sunday artist Jennifer Beinhacker is based in Brooklyn, New York, where she creates art in a modest attic studio. The artist‘s work often takes the form of busy, colorful mixed media works, serving as representations of her artist’s thoughts and feelings.


Beinhacker’s studio space has a cozy-yet-modern feel to it.  The white walls and bright lighting are quite homey. I rather like the slanted ceiling that tapers in toward the floor – it serves as a great visual reminder that the studio is in an attic, and also creates and interesting challenge for how to organize the space.


The artist seems to have risen to the challenge quite well, filling the nook with various artworks and supplies. Beinhacker seems to have an affinity of sorts for dolls, and every corner of her studio seems to house at least one or two human-shaped toys, ranging in size from the smaller figurines seen on the floor in the above image, to the larger, almost life-sized mummified figure on the left. The presence of these toys, and the general packed visual appearance of the studio reminds me of Joyce Pensato’s studio space – also in Brooklyn.


I really like that Beinhacker has a little stool and a chair in the back, as well as two small carpets on the floor. This studio space looks as though it’s equipped for someone to get quite comfy – though that person would have to be very small. The shelf on the right hand side of this photograph is suitably covered in supplies and small trinkets. Though Beinhacker herself has said that her studio space is very well organized, it still seems as though it might be a challenge for someone not acquainted with it. 

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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