Conscious and Subconscious: Digital Art by Douglas Zest

An abstract digital image with warm colorsFeng Shui

Douglas Zest is an Ontario-based digital artist who creates dreamlike compositions that address the tension between conscious and subconscious. Douglas’ works have a sleek yet varied aesthetic, each prompting a very different reaction by the viewer.


An abstract digital image with dark colors and bulbous formsCarnival

I really enjoy Douglas’ abstract works – in this area of his portfolio he seems to excel with experimentation, pushing the digital medium to discover where it might take his work. Each different composition seems to stem from a central idea about the aesthetics and overall concept, then each seems to explode out in a fractal pattern.


The front page of Douglas Zest's art websiteThe front page of Douglas' portfolio website


The artist also works with figurative imagery. In his Inner Dreams and Demons series, Douglas frequently incorporates imagery from classical art, sometimes with a biblical or mythical undertone. Classically rendered faces and limbs peek out from behind compositions of pure color, creating a sense of uneasy revelation for the viewer, as if you’re looking directly into a prophetic dream sequence. 


A digital artwork with biblical imageryThe Nightmare

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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