Photography and Digital Manipulation by Adam Mayster

A close-up photograph of some corn on a pumpkinUntitled

Artist Adam Mayster explores techniques of photography and digital manipulation, often combining the two to great effect. Adam’s recent portfolio is packed with images of wildlife, plants and architecture.


A photograph of a wooden structure in a fieldUntitled


I find Adam’s eye for composition really effective throughout his portfolio. Looking through these photos I get the sense that the artist takes his subject matter into account when deciding on what type of angle to use, or what lighting to emphasize. The result is images that have a sense of depth and thoughtfulness behind them.


A screen capture of Adam Mayster's online photography galleryAdam's gallery of animal photographs


Alongside straightforward photographs, Adam also showcases a number of examples of his digital photo manipulation techniques. The manipulated images range from slightly off-kilter in terms of color, to wildly psychedelic views on vegetation, animals and even the night sky. In many cases, the viewer is able to see multiple views of the same subject, and decide for themselves which they prefer. 


A digitally manipulated photograph of a butterflyUntitled, digitally manipulated photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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