Online Collection: Canadian Abstract Art

A painting by David TychoUrban Matrix #10, acrylic on canvas, David Tycho

Canadian Abstract Art is an online gallery dedicated to showcasing abstract works by Canadian artists in a range of media. Operated by artist David Tycho, this online collection features a wide variety of works by mid-career artists working outside the mainstream.


A painting by Eva HonigPrelude No 3, acrylic on board. Eva HonÏg

The online gallery’s roster current includes David Tycho, Carla Tak, and Eva HonÏg.  Each artist has a distinct style, and yet, in similar two dimensional media, their works fit nicely together as a unified selection. I enjoy the way that color is utilized throughout these artist’s portfolios – it’s fascinating to be able to compare different techniques and stylistic choices. Eva HonÏg’s works in acrylic paint create warm planes using thick, dragged marks of yellow and orange layered under pale cream-colored paint.

A screen capture of Canadian Abstract ArtThe front page of Canadian Abstract Art


Carla Tak’s works, in contrast, are frenetic collections of tiny contrasting strokes of color or shade. Sometimes the small marks cover the entire canvas in a black mass that still has a great sense of movement, like a thick swarm of insects or birds. 


An abstract painting by Carla TakUntitled 09, oil on panel. Carla Tak

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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