Watercolor Animal Paintings by Lisa Baechtle

A watercolor painting of sea turtles flying through a dreamscapeFlying Turtles, watercolor on 300# paper

Lisa Baechtle is currently based in rural New York, where she creates watercolor animal paintings both of exotic creatures and household pets. Working from a place of intuition and emotion, Lisa’s work captures the personality of each of her subjects.


A painting of a happy dogKipper

Lisa paints all of her works on heavy rag paper which I find lends her watercolor work a sturdier, slightly less delicate sensibility. The artist utilizes the medium to its fullest, most saturated extent, creating a surprising level of detail and accuracy. I find the contrast between the very detail and realistic painting style, and the naturally ethereal quality of the medium, quite refreshing. Lisa’s use of watercolor gives all of her subjects and backgrounds subtly softer edges and a friendlier appearance.


A gallery of equine portraits on Lisa Baechtle's art websiteLisa's gallery of equine portraits on her portfolio website


In Lisa’s A New Story gallery, the artist displays works that feature more esoteric and conceptual subjects. These works are a nice departure from Lisa’s animal works, and showcase the artist’s range when it comes to rendering a wide variety of subjects in a cohesive style. 


A watercolor painting of a star in the skyTrusting the Light, watercolor

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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