Painterly Images in Fabric: Art by Lisa Lackey

A textile artwork made to look like a paintingIn the Shadows 1, fabrics, thread, and embroidery floss on canvas

Textile artist Lisa Lackey creates works that blur the line between craft and fine art. Often utilizing sewing and embroidery techniques, Lisa creates detailed, painterly images in fabric.


An embroidered and sewn artwork by Lisa LackeyGotcha!, fabric and thread on canvas


In one recent series, In the Shadows, Lisa showcases a watercolor painting that she’s “translated” into a work of textile art by sewing and embroidering fabrics onto a canvas. It’s really interesting to see the transition and it’s quite impressive that the artist is able to so closely approximate the look of the original painting in such a completely different medium. Another recent commissioned work showcases the incredible detail that goes into each of Lisa’s works, with the artist including detail images that show the up-close overlap of fine, colored threads and stitches coming together to create a beautifully clean image of a family portrait.


A screen capture of Lisa Lackey's art websiteThe front page of Lisa's website


Lisa’s method of stretching the medium of textile into unexpected places also makes me think of the work of Pat Autenrieth.

A textile artwork depicting a dog on the beachSister's Dog (Sadie), fabric and thread on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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