Chickasaw Nation Heritage: Art by Larry Carter

A painting of a Chickasaw warrior by Larry CarterChickasaw Warrior, oil

Oklahoma-based painter Larry Carter draws inspiration from his works in part from his father’s Chickasaw Nation heritage. Larry’s works are figurative, often depicting natural scenes and people.


A painting of a house at Oklahoma UniversityOU's Boyd House


I quite like Larry’s use of large, bright brush-marks that make for a loose and colorful style. The artist seems more concerned with capturing the light and overall mood of a scene than with rendering every single detail of it – in this way his works are reminiscent of classic impressionism, and the works of artists like Claude Monet. I find Larry’s plein-air works are particularly effective in this regard.


The Aspen Paintings gallery on Larry Carter's art websiteLarry's Aspen Paintings gallery


The artist’s stunning Aspen Paintings do a great job of turning standing trees into a truly fascinating subject, capturing the tall growths from every angle, and exaggerating the yellow colors of autumnal leaves, contrasted against deep blue and green backdrops. In some of these works, Larry gets almost geometric, depicting lines of trees as hard, well-defined stripes of color across a canvas. 


A painting of a row of Aspen treesAspen Expressions

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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