A Dog a Day: Art by Lesli Devito

A painting of a golden retriever by Lesli DevitoDAY 22 - MAGGIE

Lesli Devito lives in rural Virginia where she maintains a busy painting practice, including her current series, A Dog a Day. The artist has a passion for color and animal portraits. She combines the two to great effect in her contemporary gallery.

A painting of a shaggy white dogDAY 29 - LOUIE

Lesli’s soft, blended, painterly style captures the personality of each dog that she paints – seeing them all together in one gallery is a cheery and exciting viewing experience. Lesli’s paintings also make it seem as though each dog was quite happy to be having their portrait done. The artist also offers up some portraits of cats and horses (as well as more dogs) in her Gallery of Friends.


A gallery of dog portraits on Lesli Devito's art websiteLesli's Dog a Day gallery on her portfolio website


I really like the artist’s technique of using a flat, monochromatic background behind each of her portraits. It makes these works seem very contemporary and up-to-date, as well as putting the focus on the animal without making it seem like the painting is unfinished. It’s a deliberate choice that really adds personality to the works. 


A painting of a chocolate colored labrador retrieverDAY 6 - HERSHEY

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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