Textured Photo Manipulations by Linda Richardi

A mixed media artwork depicting palm trees on a beachBeach Palms, acrylic and silver/gold mixed media on canvas

Linda Richardi is a California-based mixed media artist and photographer. With works ranging from collaged mixed media to textured photo manipulations, Linda’s portfolio is packed with bright colors and layered imagery.


An abstracted painting of a colorful forestSummer Forest, acrylic and gold leaf mixed media


It’s great to look through Linda’s acrylic painting portfolio to see the variety and intense saturation that the artist brings to her work. For the most part, Linda’s painting style is quite loose and gestural, though she tends toward sharp, quick brush strokes instead of curved and meandering lines. I especially like Linda’s paintings of forests, which toe a delicate line between pure abstraction and loose painting, depicting the trunks of trees as colorful, overlapping stripes.


A screen capture of Linda Richardi's art websiteThe front page of Linda's website, www.lindarichardiphotoart.com


Linda’s photographic artworks combine digital photography with hand-coloring and other manipulation techniques. Her most recent works interestingly take on the appearance of frescoes, with plaster texture and slight fading and cracking. The resulting images are layered almost like double exposures, forcing the viewer to sit with them a little longer and parse out the layers of visual meaning.


A manipulated photo of a temple in FlorenceTemple Florence, archival pigment print

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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