Densely Patterned Forms: Art by Danielle Scott

An ink drawing of a large tree seen from a lower angleRegal, ink on 100lb archival Strathmore paper

Danielle J. Scott is an illustrator based in Coatesville, Indiana. Danielle’s black and white ink drawings depict densely patterned forms, often abstracted but inspired by trees, flowers, and other natural figures.


An abstract ink drawing with  patterned elementsMonster, ink on 105lb archival Strathmore paper


I really enjoy the level of detail and intricacy in Danielle’s line art. Her ink lines are dark, heavy and deliberate, and the patterns seen within each shape offer a sense of texture and movement that draws the eye over the entirety of an image. The use of negative space in these images is great, and the patches of white paper help to build up volume, whether it’s in the twist of a tress branch or the shading on an abstract form.


A screen capture of Danielle J. Scott's art


Danielle has also created an adult coloring book, called Fabulous Flowers and Trees. The book is filled with beautiful black and white illustrations of the aforementioned foliage. Coloring in these clean, detailed line art images is a great way to interact with the artist’s work on a deeper level. 


An ink drawing of flowersLantana, ink on 100lb archival Strathmore paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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