Golden Age Illustration by Betty Ann Medeiros

An oil painting of a woman on her wedding dayWedding Day Moment, oil on canvas

Based in Danbury, Connecticut, Betty Ann Medeiros is a painter and illustrator working with watercolor and oil paints. Betty’s paintings have a classic feeling that harkens back to golden age illustration with smooth, realistic figures and pastoral scenery.


A watercolor painting of a Loggerhead sea turtleLoggerhead Turtle, watercolor on paper, matted and framed

Betty’s figures are often portrayed outdoors, with a sweeping sense of movement that utilizes wind and atmospheric elements, fleshing out the world within each image.  In both Betty’s watercolors and her oil paintings, the artist paints with highly detailed realism, rendering her figures and background elements with equal attention to detail. In her watercolor paintings of marine life like sea turtles, the expert use of depth and lighting draws the viewer into the image.


A screen capture of Betty Ann Medeiros' art websiteBetty's art portfolio website


The artist’s Illustrations for books and magazines all seem to have an old-style fantasy, fairytale-esque aesthetic. With subject matter ranging from magazine articles to historical books, Betty’s affinity for long, flowing garments and female figures is well-represented. 


A painting for the cover of Twelve Dancing PrincessesThe Twelve Dancing Princesses - Front Cover Art, watercolor on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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