Visual Representation: Conceptual Art by Alinka Echeverria

A composite image of an ancient vaseUntitled (from Nicephoria)

Alinka Echeverria is a Mexican-British artist who works in multimedia, creating installations, photo-collage and more. Echeverria’s background in anthropology informs her practice, which explores different modes of visual representation.


A photo-collage of women's eyesUntitled (from Nicephoria)


One series of Echeverria’s recent work looks at the portrayal of the female figure in artwork. The field notes for the series, titled Nicephoria, do this by combining multiple images into photographic collages that look at portrayals of women through a critical, comparative lens. By gathering examples of a visual language that has remained steady over the course of centuries, Echeverria draws numerous subtle parallels and highlights tropes that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.


I really enjoy Echeverria’s series Cradle. These works look at the impact of humans on the natural, physical world, taking on a delicate and somewhat sorrowful aesthetic with installations that cradle the skeletons of animals in constructions of dirt, stone, and grass.


A photo of an animal skeleton in a grass cradleUntitled (from Cradle)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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