Contemporary-Classic Stained Glass: Jewelweed Studios

A stained glass panel with rainbow pigmentsK and M Townsend, New Jersey

Gary Medley and Allan Joyce are glass artists who creates work under their company name, Jewelweed Studio. The duo's works of stained glass function in a range of applications. In their window works, subjecta ranging from abstract compositions to religious symbolism create a contemporary-classic stained glass aesthetic for an overall portfolio.

A custom stained glass panel with a geometric patternCompass


Allan doesn’t shy away from color in his works. Where previous stained glass artists we’ve featured – Kevyn Cundiff, for example - have tended to use colors somewhat sparingly, Allam’s works are almost always completely saturated, with each panel of glass carrying a pigment that compliments the shape next to it. Even so, Allan manages to maintain a sense of quiet elegance in his works.

A screen capture of the Jewelweed Studios websiteThe front page of Gary and Allan's art website


Though Gary's works tend to be slightly more subdued, I enjoy the mlments where he breaks from the traditional window mold – in one such work, he sculpts a small windmill in rainbow glass, creating a sculptural object that looks like candy. He also accomplishes this with the aforementioned religious imagery, like his freestanding crosses.

A rainbow flower made from stained glassRainbow Flowers

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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