Heavy and Textural: Art by David Maxim

A painting made by dragging string through acrylic paintsString Drag, acrylic

San Francisco-based artist David Maxim creates works that straddle the line between paintings and sculpture, often combining elements from both disciplines. David’s works are heavy and textural in aesthetic.


A painting made by dragging string through acrylic pigmentsString Painting #7, acrylic


I’m enjoying looking through David’s portfolio at his recent series of String Paintings. Each rectangular substrate appears to have been marked by a paint-covered string, either pressed into existing pigment, or pulled across a blank surface to create striking wave-form markings. The resulting abstract works feature a wide ranging color palette, with playful, curved lines creating a sense of movement that draws the eye across the surface. I also appreciate David’s choice to frame each work in a sort of wire fence-like construction – adding his signature sculptural touch while reinforcing the nature of his painting process.

A screen capture of David Maxim's art websitewww.davidmaximstudio.com


David’s series of Moments is also fascinating, and quietly beautiful. Each set of small paintings relates to itself in a mimicry of fragmented memories and hints of emotion, using mostly abstracted compositions and planes of pure color. 


A triptych made with small abstract panels fitted togetherMoment #54, oil, acrylic, and hinge on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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