Lush Forms and Lighting: Art by Jayne Crawford

A painting of shrubbery along a beachRed Beach, Whitney, acrylic on board

Jayne Crawford has a background in painting decorative murals, later moving on to building her own practice. The artist creates detailed landscapes and spiritual paintings, emphasizing lush forms and lighting.

A painting of a river with treesThe Missouri at Fort Osage, oil on canvas

I really enjoy the way Jayne uses lighting in her landscape paintings. These paintings often focus on a relatively small patch of greenery, and the artist is able to capture the dense texture of numerous leaves in some detail, without overwhelming the canvas by painting every separate form. Lighter shades of yellow-green come to the surface of the painting and create a sense of depth that draws the viewer in.

A screen capture of Jayne Crawford's art websiteJayne's portfolio website


Jayne’s gallery of drawings showcases the artist’s process to some extent, with rough sketches as well as more polished standalone works. The artist’s drawing style is quite illustrative, with details rendered in slightly stylized detail. Overlapping, gestural lines occasional serve as a form of shading. In her works with charcoal, white chalk creates highlights for an effect that is snowy and inviting.

A drawing of a backyard with a fenceGarden Corner With Snow

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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