Smooth Curvature: Ceramic Art by Elaine Clapper

A photo of a set of ceramic piecesblue creamer and sugar bowls

Today’s featured artist is ceramicist Elaine Clapper. Elaine’s ceramic practice is centered around vessels and other household objects, including bowls, jars, cups, and plates made with smooth curvature and earth-toned glazes.

A ceramic bowl with a sculpted leaf detailRed bowl w leaf


I enjoy the manner in which Elaine subtly introduces textural and sculptural elements into her ceramic objects. On some jars and cups, the exterior surface is scored with a curving pattern that doesn’t interfere a great deal with the color or pattern of the glaze, but adds a great tactile element that invites the viewer to handle and use the object.

A screen capture of Elaine Clapper's art websiteElaine's ceramic art website


In our previous feature of Elaine’s work we looked at her earthy glazes, an aesthetic that the artist continues to hold to throughout her portfolio. Vessels in Elaine’s gallery are coated in sumptuous glazes in deep tones, with chocolate browns that would be ideal for serving food, as well as blues and greens that look like uncut gemstones.

A photo of a handmade red casserole dishred casserole w leaf

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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