Concept Art and Storyboard Art by Hendrik Gericke

A floral wall mural designed with colored and black and white elementsRather Tart illustrated wallpaper

Hendrik Gericke creates concept art and storyboard art under his studio name The Flying Dutchman. Using mostly digital art techniques, Hendrick’s works set the stage for future polished animations, short films, and advertisements.


The Flying Dutchman art showreel


I enjoy seeing a collection of work that is so focused toward a final vision. Looking through Hendrick’s portfolio is like looking behind the scenes at art and animations that are designed to look especially clean and polished. It’s interesting to go through the Flying Dutchman and imagine what some of these works will later turn into, while appreciating the work and aesthetic thinking that goes into each well-designed frame.

A screen capture of the Flying Dutchman


Some of Hendrick’s recent works of concept art have explored interesting methods of blocking out a visual plane, like using images of digitally-rendered finger puppets as figures in a variety of scenes for a banking advertisement. Elsewhere, digital scenes devoid of color set up the structure of a visual plane, before the final palette and other aesthetic choices are determined.

A digital image of a finger dressed as a geishaGeisha, St. George Bank TVC, concept art

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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