Patterns of Language: Art by Krasi Dimtch

An abstract digital artwork composed of overlapping three-dimensional formsAlien entity reveals the meaning of life, print on plexiglass

Krasi Dimtch creates digital artworks based on patterns of language. Krasi’s works are, at first glance, psychedelic, with patterns and colors far removed from any recognizable figures - but once the viewer understands the artist’s process, patterns and meaning start to appear.

An extremely complex digital abstract work made with green colorsThe Gardens of Incomplete Delights -4


I really enjoy the totally futuristic style that Krasimira utilizes in all of her works. The artist has created a distinct visual language that’s all her own, and seems to almost deliberately defy categorization in any existing or known artistic movement. The complex digital patterns rendered in Krasi’s works also remind me a bit of Melissa Ann Lambert’s digital explorations, where the artist focuses on an internal visual language and logic.

A screen capture of Krasimira Dimtchevska's art websiteKrasimira's portfolio website,

The level of detail that Krasi achieves in each of her works is quite stunning. Images that look simple at first reveal numerous layers and complex masses of overlapping, string-like forms upon closer inspections. Even the backgrounds, which generally follow a fairly basic color scheme, are textured with subtle geometric patterns.

An abstract digital figure on a futuristic green backgroundWho does what to aliens?, print on Plexiglass

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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