Beauty and Loneliness: Photography by Mark Broyer

A photograph of a shopfront in HamburgUntitled

German designer and photographer Mark Broyer expertly captures the beauty and loneliness of urban environments. Broyer has photographed both city and landscape in a range of locations, but all his works seem to draw on the nature of human intervention without human presence.

A photo of a darkened parking area in Hamburg, GermanyUntitled


Broyer, a multi-disciplinary artist, takes photographs under the name “Into the Life.” I find this title interesting, given that most of the artist’s photos are devoid of human or animal life. Broyer’s nighttime views of Hamburg’s streets are especially inviting. With each image framed around a spot of neon lighting in an otherwise dark and desolate street, the scenes take on an eerie, dystopian aesthetic.


The artist’s High and Dry series takes a completely different, but no less effective approach to depicting this kind of emptiness. The photos in this series were taken in Troma, California, a small, near-deserted area that Broyer depicts as a sunny, warm ghost town.

A photo of a landscape in Troma, CaliforniaUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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