Candid Shots: Photography by Kathleen Gross

A photograph of a tree in a desert landscapeTree at Arches, color chrome

Photographer Kathleen Gross frequently works in black and white, adding small points of color through digital or traditional means. Kathleen’s subjects are often industrial or architectural in nature, though the artist also has an affinity for candid shots of human subjects.

A hand-colored silver print of two people sitting at a tableGuests, hand-colored silver print


I really like many of the images in Kathleen’s galleries of film photography. The oldest photographs reflect a very particular aesthetic that harkens back to simple film cameras of bygone decades. There’s a sense of candid beauty in the imperfect, slightly blurred or oddly lit images that appear in Kathleen’s series of hand-colored silver prints and color chromes.

A screen capture of Kathleen Gross' art


Kathleen’s gallery of early black and white photography showcases snapshots from the 1970’s and 1980’s. These works take a documentarian stance toward the subject matter, presenting mundane scenes from everyday life in observational detail and stark light contrast. The images seem very personal in nature, and offer a look back in time to days that are still remembered, but perhaps not in full detail.

A photograph of a San Francisco diner in the 1980'sDiner, Tri-X film

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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